Marriage enrollment or registration gives legitimate legitimacy to the marriage of 2 people.
A marriage endorsement or registration additionally goes about as lawful confirmation of marriage in the event of any question between the companions later on.
A family legal counselor can apply for marriage enrollment or a registration in the state where the life partners dwell.
  1. The marriage enrollment or registration process in India and the time taken for marriage is distinctive in each state. Be that as it may, certain means in marriage enlistment in India.
  2. The mates need to visit the office of the Registrar of marriage so as to present their appropriately filled marriage enlistment application recorded with the assistance of a family legal counselor alongside essential connections, archives, and recommended enrollment charges.
  3. All the submitted documents must be in 2 sets both in unique just as their bore witness to duplicates for a check.
  4. The office of the Registrar of Marriage is where both of the two companions have remained for 6 months before the marriage.
  5. The marriage enrollment or registration application in India should unmistakably express all the significant data about the life partners and the reality of whether they were earlier married or not.
  6. After the check of reports, the office gives the date of issuance of the marriage authentication certificate.
  7. On the scheduled date of marriage registration or enrollment, the wedded couple needs to present before the Registrar.
  8. The total time for marriage registration or enrollment in India and the issuance of the marriage authentication certificate is around 15 days.