An annulment pronounces a marriage invalid and void as though the marriage never occurred by any stretch of the imagination.


Marriages are viewed as devout in India.

They are accepted to be an unceasing bond that endures for this lifetime as well as for the lives to come.

Couples might need to end their marriage because of incongruence issues or so far as that is concerned with some other explanation.

In India, marriages are administered by personal laws relying on the religion of the individual.

There are usually two strategies for consummating a marriage in India, either through a divorce or an annulment order from the court.

Divorce breaks down a marriage while annulment pronounces a marriage as invalid and void as though the marriage didn’t occur by any stretch of the imagination—the justification for the two contrast.

If there should arise an occurrence of a divorce, the divorced couple is labeled as a divorcee.

However, in annulment, the couple’s status returns to what it was preceding marriage, i.e., Single.

For better guidelines about the annulment process and legal complications, please do contact a learned family lawyer.