Marriage is managed by Personal laws that control the terms like divorce, custody, maintenance, and compensation of conjugal rights.

A husband has the option to require his wife to live with him in any place he may decide to live.

Then again, it is a comparing obligation of the wife to live with her husband. In any case, there might be conditions that force the life partners to live in better places.

These conditions may outfit sensible or straightforward reason for the spouse to live in a better place. The Court will decide whether the circumstances permit the spouse to live separated from her better half. 

Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 (Section 9), says If either the husband or the wife, without sensible reasons, pulls back from the general public of the other, the aggrieved party may move toward the Court for restitution of conjugal rights.

For the matter of Conjugal rights, do not hesitate to consult with an experienced lawyer. Contact a learned lawyer to get the restitution of conjugal rights.